Project Sitara Foundation is a student-led not-profit organisation working towards enabling children from underserved communities to become self-sufficient through the provision of meaningful holistic education. It was recognised as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in accordance with the Indian Trusts Act 1882.

In the last two years, Sitara has predominantly worked with orphan children, visually impaired children and children of migrant workers in Karnataka. Our two-fold system enables us to serve as the sole education providers for children that do not have access to education, as well as get hands-on with our 21st century skill building curriculum for children who are already enrolled in a government school in the state. In order to keep up with the growing demands for a more holistic educational set-up, we have laid our focus on delivering both our engagements at free of cost to our beneficiary communities.

The organisation implements a peer-to-peer model of engagement where student volunteers (age 16 - 25 years) work with the children in a symbiotic manner to learn from one another. The volunteer body is spread across the country and a few from outside of India who collaborate virtually in backend operations of the organisation.

Our Vision

Every child attains self-sufficiency

Our Mission

Provision of inclusive and accessible education to children from underserved communities

Our Team

Shriya Shankar
Advait Kaluve
Ananya V
Rohit Vasishta
Samartha S
Srushti Jayaramu
Sruthy S